Girlie Girls Mentoring Program INC

Company Message

My name is Anita Barker. I am a graduate of McNeese State University. I’ve been married to my husband, Julien Barker, for 15 years. We have one amazing, smart, and loving son.

I lost my mother a year ago, but she taught me so many important values, and she left her legacy of community service for me to carry on. Giving back to my community has become a natural practice of kindness in my life. I truly enjoy servicing others, and it has led to my passion and a vision I have aspired for many years, mentoring. Doing what I love most is now a vision of reality. I am the founder and mentor of the Girlie Girls Mentoring Program, INC. Girlie Girls is a nonprofit organization for girls ages 12-18. Its programs encourage positive relationships and personal and social transformation among its members. Girls experience elevated self-esteem as they gain confidence in voicing their opinions, learn problem-solving skills, and come to realizations of their future potential. In addition to mentoring, I have embarked upon a unique type of service, hosting a foreign exchange student. I became a host mom in the fall of 2018. This opportunity has caused my family and me to grow in many areas we would not have otherwise. It has also broadened my vision of mentoring and made me realize that not only do I want to impact the lives of our local youth, but the lives of international youth as well. This reflects my DREAM BIG! motto.