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Program Description 

It is with great pleasure and sincere enthusiasm that I introduce you to my mentoring program, Girlie Girls Mentoring Program, Inc. (Girlie Girls “I CAN ONLY BE ME”), a United Way Agency Partner. Girlie Girls Mentoring Program was founded on June 1, 2013. It is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building academic and social excellence in young ladies 8-18 years of age. This unique program is designed to empower girls through mentoring, building self-confidence, and challenging them to discover their full potential.

The Girlie Girls Mentoring Program’s objectives were implemented through ongoing mentorship, seminars, workshops, bonding, social projects and activities, social awareness, educational field trips, campus tours, community service projects, partnerships with leaders in the community, guest speakers, and academic and spiritual support. The organization aspires to address the very heart of issues confronting girls, such as developing life skills and improving the ability to identify paths and resources within their communities that can contribute to positive change and break negative cycles for a lifetime. GGMP creates a vision for strengthening girls to become active leaders who can engage in universal dialogue, offering solutions to problems that require civic, political, and cultural insight. It envisions creating effective partnerships and relationships with girls and female leaders who can provide training and guidance through coaching and mentorship.


In addition, our main services are to help the young girls in our community achieve the goals they set for themselves with the knowledge and understanding that some goals may be harder or may take longer to achieve than others. Mentors are in place for tutoring as well as mentoring. We have academic events, seminars, ACT/SAT Test Prep workshops, and STEM/ELA presentations. Programs like Microsoft Office Suite are provided for our high school members for Career Readiness. Members have access to free computers and printers at the Girls Rock facility. Weekly on-site tutoring and computer classes are offered to all members free of charge. All girls are required to turn in a copy of their report cards each quarter to monitor their academic progress and growth.


In the past eight years, we have awarded $15,000 in scholarships to our graduating seniors. We are honored to say that dozens of girls and their families have benefited from the scholarships Girlie Girls offers. Preparing the next 

generation is a privilege, and Girlie Girls is committed

 to making a difference!

Social Awareness

As time has passed and generation characteristics have changed, our society has become more aggressive, and peer pressure has increased in schools. Therefore, the Girlie Girls Mentoring Program attacks the negative behaviors in our society through the provision of social awareness seminars for all members. A large variety of social topics are covered, such as teen dating, self-defense, bullying, self-esteem, social media, moral decision-making, peer pressure, sexual conduct, jail and prison life, drugs and alcohol, personal hygienic care, teen pregnancy, texting while driving, on-line bullying and internet safety, and more. These seminars are facilitated by community leaders who have important roles as stakeholders to handle, conduct, supervise, manage, and regulate these negative social behaviors and the teens involved in these misconducts in our community.


It is more gratifying to give than to receive, so the Girlie Girls organization is an advocate and activist in giving back to the community. Our members are involved in many community service projects. We have completed hundreds of hours of community service hours. To name a few, we have organized Easter extravaganzas, Thanksgiving food drives, elderly home service, buckets of cleaning supplies for door-to-door give away, Toys for Tots support, Christmas shoebox gifts to children in a Third World country, and more.

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