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The Girlie Girls Mentoring Program will be having its annual Abstinence Seminar on Monday, September 21st for girls ages 12-18. We would like to invite young women in our community to join us. There will be a counselor from ABC Pregnancy Clinic speaking to the girls on abstaining from sexual intercourse and the side effects or dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. (STD'S) We will also have members from Guiding Light Ministries, a ministry that embraces young moms and give them love, guidance and support joining us. The girls will also be sharing their story.

The cost is $20. Your daughter will receive a purity ring, gift bag, chance to win several door prizes, useful information and delicious snacks. Only 20 seats available per session. 


Session 1 High School 2:00 - 4:00

Only 10 seats available

Session 2 Middle School 5:00 - 7:00

Only 10 seats available 

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