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Girlie Girls Mentoring Program INC

The GGMP Scholarship can make it easier to achieve your dreams. 

This is a one - time scholarship award and is not renewed from year to year. Members MUST APPLY AND SUBMIT ESSAY AND APPLICATION BY 4pm April 30, 2021. Essays and applications must be hand delivered to Attorney Satrica Williams at 606 E Prien Lake Rd. 

Essay Question

How do YOU define SUCCESS? 

Girlie Girls must meet the following required guidelines to qualify:

 * Active member of The Girlie Girls Mentoring Program

* Enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours at an accredited university or technical college

* Must complete 300 - 500 word essay (Typed 12 font)

* Copy of ACT Scores

* Must complete 25 hours of Community Service during senior year

* Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the university/college

2015 Cameron Evans $1000

2016 Alana Glaspie $2500

2017 Camren Green $1500

2017 Erin Black $1000

2018 Jasmine Menard $1000

2019 Micenzi Brown $1000

2019 Mailyah Bordelon $1000

2020 Jasmine Jones $1700

2020 Mckenzie Mathews $1800

2020 Jada Gasaway $1500

2020 Shelbie Thierry $700 Books and Supplies

2020 Makayla Thomas $200 Books and Supplies

Scholarship Application