Girlie Girls Mentoring Program INC

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The Mary Green Hollier Scholarship can make it easier to achieve your dreams. Scholarship Award: $500 - $2500  This is a one - time scholarship award and is not renewed from year to year. Members MUST APPLY AND SUBMIT ESSAY AND APPLICATION BY MAY 15, 2019.  Essays must be emailed to girl[email protected] or hand delivered by 6pm, MaY 15, 2019. 

Essay Question

Why do you want to get a college education? 

Girlie Girls must meet the following required guidelines to qualify:

 * Active member of The Girlie Girls Mentoring Program 

 * Enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours at an accredited university or technical college

 * Must complete 300 - 500 word essay (Typed 12 font) 

 * Must complete 25 hours of Community Service during senior year

 * Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the university/college

2015 Cameron Evans $1000

2016 Alana Glaspie $2500

2017 Camren Green $1500

2017 Erin Black $1000

2018 Jasmine Menard $1000

2019 Nicenzi Brown $1000

2019 Mailyah Bordelon $1000